What if the House I’m Renting Is Sold?

There can be a lot of unknowns when your landlord puts the house you’re renting up for sale. If the house sells, the lease remains in force. But along with a new manager, there can be new scrutiny on the tenants. Is the new landlord planning on keeping it as a rental, or is he going to want to move in the day the lease is up?

I guess you never know, but that’s one of the unpleasant parts of renting. You don’t want to sign a lease that is too long, because you don’t want to lock yourself in in case your circumstances change, but if you don’t sign a long enough lease, you may be moving around more than you like.

I would recommend contacting the new buyer, and finding out what they plan on doing with the property. Maybe they’re looking to rent it out, or they can give you a heads up to start looking for a new home.

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