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There are several good places to find houses and apartments for rent: – Mostly apartments – Mostly apartments – Mostly apartments – Both apartments and houses
Easy Apartment Search – Mostly apartments. For some reason they make you enter your name, address, email, and other questions, but the listings are worthwhile.

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Here’s a story from someone who was able to find a great house to rent quickly:

Everyone is abuzz about how competitive the rental property market is at the moment. But even in a competitive market you can make home hunting a lot simpler for yourself by following a few simple steps. I just rented a lovely house in a popular suburb for less than I expected to pay – and it only took me a couple of days looking at houses. Here’s how it happened.

I knew that I was going to be looking for a house in a popular area. So I focused my efforts on trying to make sure that I got to view the properties I was interested in before anyone else. You really maximize your chances if you do that rather than wait a few days, which might attract dozens of applications.

First off, research ahead of time to get an idea of what’s available in the rental market. Do this a couple weeks in advance if you can, to give yourself an idea of whether the amount you’re budgeting for will really get you what you want. If you’ll be using public transportation to get to school or work, then look for bus stops too.

Then, Spend some time working out what you want to look for. Have a good idea of what features are a requirements for you, and what are just luxuries. This will make the hunt a lot easier – because you’re aiming to create a short list of properties to view, rather than looking at a large number of properties and finding you’ve wasted time looking at properties that really aren’t going to be suitable.

Thirdly, take advantage of your friends. Call your old real estate agents and property managers in the area you’re moving to, if you’ve lived there before. Ask if they have anything coming up in the area, in your price range. Even if they don’t have something, they can still give you a reference. Also let your friends and know you are looking. Someone may know of a place coming up for rent. Don’t neglect this step. Your goal is to find out about properties before they get shown to a lot of people and competition gets really fierce. I’ve been at open houses with over 30 people before. That is to be avoided!

Fourthly, start a file with the information you’ll need to fill out rental applications–especially your references as they have a big impact on whether your application is successful. Get the name, business address and phone number of one and preferably two previous real estate agents who’ve agreed to provide you with references. I ended up putting three real estate references on my successful application. The landlord would have been in no doubt that I came highly recommended as a tenant! You can save some time at the application stage by making sure you’ve also written down the contact details for your work reference and personal references as well. You could also print out your credit report, so that you can just show it to them, rather than having them check your credit.

Finally, if at all possible, arrange 1-2 days off around the middle of the week to look at properties. This is important. Having time during on a weekday to view homes can mean the difference between being the first and sometimes only person to see a property, versus being one of a large throng who attend a Saturday open house. Check with real estate agents in your area to find out whether there’s a weekday when they show properties. In our recent hunt, it seemed Wednesdays and Saturdays were the days on which rental properties are shown. The property I ended up leasing was only on the market for three days. We were the only people to view it on the Wednesday, and we signed the lease on Friday before it even made it to the Saturday open house. Weekday house hunting can really make a difference.