How to Get Rid of Your Landlord

Are you tired of worrying about whether you can have a pet, or about your rent being raised, or whether you can hang a picture in your living room? There is nothing stopping you from becoming a homeowner, and taking control of your future. With this method, your credit isn’t a concern. Your income isn’t a concern.

If finances are a concern for you, consider this: If you were to rent a home, you might have to worry about:

  • a pet deposit,
  • a security deposit,
  • the first month’s rent,
  • the second month’s rent,
  • your credit score, and
  • your bank account balance.

But there’s no need to worry about those things when you purchase your first home with my tried-and-true method. I’m not a genius who has invented a completely new way of buying a home, but I’ve figured out how to apply an old method in a way that anyone can put to work.

In the past 10 years in my real estate career, I’ve done these deals for profit. And there are investors throughout the country who specialize in earning their living using this method. But it can also be used to avoid having to plunk down a bunch of money to rent a home the old way.

With this method, you won’t be dealing with landlords. You’ll be dealing with regular people, who have a house they need to sell. The key is finding people who don’t just want to sell their house, but need to sell their house. And when you find someone who needs to sell, you will be able to offer them a solution to their problem, and they will be grateful to you. You don’t have to try to pull the wool over someone eyes, or find someone gullible. You will be up front and honest and people will thank you for it.

There are several advantages to this method. You’re dealing with everyday people. The sellers don’t care about a deposit. In fact, I tell them I’m not going to make any payments to them for two months (think about having two months rent free!). You will almost certainly be able to get lower monthly payments than you can by renting a house. And, you will almost certainly be able to re-sell the house for a profit. Not to mention the fact, that you won’t have a landlord breathing down your neck.

I’m also not talking about buying a disgusting junker that needs a ton of work and money. Actually, I’d recommend staying away from a house that needs much work. And you can use this method in whatever price range you’re in. It works with starter homes or mansions.

Navigating this process the first time can be a challenge. For the necessary forms to do a fool-proof deal, as well as tips that will save you time and money, check out my e-book, How to Get Rid of Your Landlord, which you can purchase below.

Once you master this method, you will never have to deal with another landlord again. Then, maybe you know a friend who would like a deal like the one you were able to get. And at that point, it might even become a business, and there are a few pointers in the book for that eventuality as well. Using this method, you might not just get rid of your landlord, but your boss as well.

I’m not saying this is easy. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. It’s hard work. But if you’re willing to put forth some effort, you’ll never have to worry about another landlord again.

If this is something that interests you, download my “How to Get Rid of Your Landlord” e-book and start reading instantly. The price is $9.95, and it’s packed with experience I’ve gained in the course of my investing career.

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